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  • 30CrMo material and performance index

    Author:Release time:2016-12-01Browsing times:658

    Basic Profile35CrMo alloy structural steel (alloy quenched and tempered steel)Execution standard: GB/T3077-1999Italy: 35crmo4NBN:34crmo4Sweden: 2234Sun mark: SCM432/SCRRM3WeldabilityAccording to the International Institute of welding (IIW) recommended car

  • Introduction To The Classification And Properties Of Stainless Steel

    Author:Release time:2016-11-30Browsing times:222

    Stainless steel Material IntroductionWhether it is compared to the nickel magnetic stainless steel (nickle). The contents of strong magnetic stainless steel (430) is a chromium (chrome) and does not contain nickel, has become known as the "Cr stainle

  • 45# Properties and chemical composition of steel

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    45#Chemical composition mass fraction%|C:0.42 ~ 0.50Chemical composition mass fraction%|Si:0.17 ~ 0.37Chemical composition mass fraction%|Mn:0.50 ~ 0.80The chemical composition of the mass fraction of%|The chemical composition of the mass fraction of%|The

  • 35# Steel materials and chemical properties

    Author:Release time:2016-11-30Browsing times:62

    Use: No. 35 steel is widely used in the manufacture of various kinds of forging and pressing, forging and cold drawn seamless steel pipe, steel, machinery parts, such as crankshaft, shaft, shaft, lever, connecting rod, beam, sleeve, wheels, washers, screw

  • 40CR Properties of material and chemical composition

    Author:Release time:2016-09-27Browsing times:6090

    Essential information:According to the standard 3077-1999 GB/T and 17107-1997 GB/T, steel plate GB/T11251-2009 and Wuyang enterprise standardCorresponding foreign standards: JIS (Japan): ASTM SCr440 (United States): 5140 ISO: 41Cr4Chemical composition:C:0